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Warehouse Money no longer offers health insurance

Warehouse Money are making some changes. As part of these changes, Warehouse Money will no longer be providing health insurance.

If you're looking for health insurance, nib has you covered for this. Explore nib cover options now.

Frequently asked questions for existing Warehouse Money Health Insurance customers

1. What has changed?
Following the sale of the Warehouse Money business to Finance Now, a decision has been made to no longer sell health insurance under the Warehouse Money brand in New Zealand.

2. What does this mean for me?
It simply means the Warehouse Money brand will no longer appear on any future health insurance documentation, it will be branded nib - the underwriter of all Warehouse Money Health Insurance policies. The terms, conditions, benefits, limits and exclusions of your health insurance policy will NOT be affected by this change.

3. When will this change happen?
Not for a little while. nib will write to all existing Warehouse Money Health Insurance customers at least 30 days before this change happens.  

4. What about upcoming medical treatment?
Any pre-approved claims will be processed under the normal terms and conditions of your policy.

5. How do I make a claim? 
You can continue to make claims using WM Health Connect. Register or login to submit a claim online – it’s simple, convenient and fast.

6. How are nib and Warehouse Money health insurance related?
Warehouse Money Health Insurance is provided by nib nz limited (nib). nib is a registered Financial Service Provider and member of the Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman dispute resolution scheme. 

7. Will my premium payments be the same?
Your premium payments won’t change when the Warehouse Money brand changes.  Your premiums are reviewed each year on renewal and we will let you know if your premium will change.  

8. What do I have to do?
There’s nothing you need to do as a result of this change. The type of policy you have, how you claim, what you can claim on and all of your policy history will be the same. We will be in touch at least 30 days prior to confirm this is happening. 

9. What if I recently requested a change to my policy?
We will still make the change as you’ve requested.

10. How do I access information about my policy?
You can continue to use WM Health Connect to ensure your contact details are up to date and to view your policy information. We will communicate to you when the link to access your policy information changes. 

11. How do I contact nib to discuss my policy?
If you have any questions, please contact nib: or 
0800 123 642